Happy Lunar New Year! With this second new year obviously comes more updates to our service. Genius Owl already leaves customers satisfied with our innovation and creativity. We have a great relationship with our clients, and that just motivates us to constantly do better. We will be making some interesting, but most importantly fun changes to our parties, so everyone can be satisfied: introducing Unplugged Minecraft Birthday Parties!

Minecraft Birthday Parties

True to tradition, Genius Owl’s most popular birthday party theme is Minecraft. Children everywhere love this game, and playing it on their birthday adds to the excitement. It’s no surprise as to why kids love Minecraft so much. The adorable character design and iconic monsters attract the right attention from children. In addition, it’s educational! Minecraft teaches kids the art of problem-solving. There are many problems in Minecraft that players may encounter.  We teach them the right solution to overcome it. Eventually, children can create better solutions and have that mindset in school too!

Kids will learn about science with Minecraft. They can explore how biomes affect what animals live in, how rocks are formed, and the laws of gravity. Minecraft is also very involved with math. Most blocks are one cubic metre.  Kids can calculate the exact size of their creations! Items are stacked as powers of two, meaning they will be very familiar with numbers. Kids can experiment with the electric power of redstone in the game. Players can use redstone to build devices ranging from simple systems to a computer!  In fact, Minecraft is all about creativity. You can help expand your child’s imagination with us! Let them build anything they desire! Whether it’s a simple house to the castle of their dreams, the possibilities are endless.

Parents’ Concern

However, parents have expressed concern over the amount of screen time their kids already have. Although we feel computer literacy is important, we completely understand why parents would be hesitant. We are always looking to improve ourselves and ensure everyone is happy with our service. Therefore, Genius Owl has come up with a new idea, unplugged Minecraft birthday parties. This will guarantee the best experience for the children, free of worry for parents.

Unplugged Minecraft Birthday Parties

Our unplugged Minecraft birthday parties will feature a set of Minecraft games, not on the computer. This way, children can keep Minecraft on their birthdays, but not stare at the screen. We thought it best to keep Minecraft because it is such a universal game. But we did add a twist. Partiers can play board games, card games, crafts, and other party games, all with the theme of Minecraft. However, no screen time! Unplugged Minecraft birthday parties are Genius Owl’s creative way of keeping in all the fun, but making sure everyone is satisfied. It even retains the educational aspect of the game. We keep it unique and fun, despite children who may be put off with the thought of learning. We can guarantee your child’s happiness on their special day with these unplugged birthday parties! They will leave the party with smiles for sure.