Teachers all across the country have realized teaching coding literacy to students has numerous benefits. They have taken the challenge. Increasingly more teachers are now incorporating STEM subjects including coding literacy into their repertoire. For some teachers, teaching coding literacy or other STEM subjects comes naturally.  For some others it is a little bit challenging.

Benefits of Teaching Coding Lietracy

Teachers are willing to take up the challenge. They know so many learning outcomes can be achieved when you introduce coding literacy programs into the classroom:

  1. Math skills: coding literacy relies heavily on students math skills. On the hand, as they learn more about coding students’ understanding of abstracts math concepts increases. Learning to code makes math more understandable and not as daunting as it usually seems.
  2. Creative thinking: Breaking down a problem into smaller ones is one of the important skills in teaching coding literacy. Students learn to tackle a problem by planning ahead, and predicting future steps. This helps them to acquire strong creative thinking skills.
  3. Perseverance: finding a solution for a problem  is not always a walk in the park for students.  Even harder is coding the solution as a computer program. They have to try different methods. Trial and error helps them to refine their solution and come up with their own optimal one. On the other hand it helps them to build resilience and perseverance when dealing with difficult circumstances.
  4. Tech-savvy kids: technology is all around us. Students who start learning about the inner working details of technology around them, will have a better understanding of it. They will also be a better users of technology. Better understanding and mastery of coding literacy will usher us in a new generation of digital innovators.

Genius Owl is here to help educators with teaching coding literacy to their students. We have a special program that makes this a reality.