Summer is sizzling, and our STEM summer camps enrichment programs keep running and educating children. This is part of Genius Owl‘s special services for schools. We have offered these workshops in all kind of schools: private, public, childcare centres, community centres and more.

Teachers love Genius Owl‘s STEM summer camp programs. They understand the work that has gone behind developing the lesson plans, and the effort in running them in the best way.  They know the educational content of the program has always been our main focus. Here you are with feedback we received in a recent visit to a school:

  • “Great, helped the children learn about programming”,
  • “a great experience for the children”,
  • “good and interactive. It got all of the children working together.”

It’s not just the teachers who love Genius Owl’s STEM summer camp programs. Kids have been playing the main role in our programs. Of course, they love  gadgets and shiny tech toys. But that wasn’t the main reason they enjoyed Genius Owl’s STEM summer camp programs. We pose them a challenge that has to be overcome, and kids love solving puzzles and finding solutions.

They enjoyed our programs, your students will too. Book your program for the summer or fall