STEM programs in elementary schools of Ontario are becoming increasingly commonplace. More and more teachers are holding regular events for their students.Students usually love these programs and enjoy the lessons. Parents are also on board and very well aware of the importance of STEM education in their child’s future career.

In the following lines you are going to learn more about how to plan or choose the best program and event for your students.

Tech Toys Are Not Essential

Kids love toys! Especially the new generation who have grown up with smart phones and tablets can spend hours and hours in front of the screen.  Parents usually see the only way to teach STEM subjects by using computers and other tech gadgets. But you as a teacher know better, so don’t fall for that. You can teach a lot of STEM topics without using expensive and distractive technology. If you don’t know how, ask for help: there’s tons of STEM resources on the Internet. You can also ask a service provider to visit your school.

Discovery Is the Key

There is no single solution to science, math and coding problems. So let your students explore the problem. Give them enough time to look at it from different angles and come up with their own individual answers.

STEM Programs in Elementary Schools: It’s Still the Early Days

We have been teaching language, math and even science for hundred of years. There is a huge body of knowledge on how to teach those subjects. How to evaluate students and which methods produce the best results. Compare that to technology topics (which is usually what’s meant when people talk about STEM) and then it seems like we started teaching it to kids just a few seconds ago. We have to give more time to this and share our experiences with other teachers.