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Genius Owl offers the best choice when it comes to STEM programs for schools:

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are considered foundations of today’s education.  Genius Owl possesses the know-how and experience of running STEM programs for schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area..

French Immersion STEM

Today’s students love tech toys and gadgets, and can spend hours on it. Kill two birds with one stone: make learning French more meaningful for your students, while they are learning fundamental math and programming concepts. This is the ultimate French immersion idea!

Genius Owl French Immersion STEM programs are presented by our bilingual staff. During a typical session, instructions to students to participate in the activities will be presented in French. Hand-outs and assignments are also in French and your students can practice their French to ask questions about the activities that need to be completed.

Teacher Testimonials

Thank you everyone had a blast.

Ms. Huma Esmail, Principal, Absorbent Minds Montessori

The robotics program was amazing because it supported our interest in robots; having hands on learning using Dash and Dot; students were engaged the whole time.

Ms. Johnson, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

The robotics program was fantastic, because of hands -on informative experience!

Ms. Aisha, Absorbent Minds Montessori

The robotics program was fun, because it was engaging and interesting. The program was well planned out with coding steps, practice with a robot (Dash) and a fun challenge (curling).

Ms. Santos, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

The robotics program was very interesting because programming made the kids excited!

Ms. Shamala, Absorbent Minds Montessori

The robotics program was good because it helps the kids understand the basic about programming.

Ms. S. B., Absorbent Minds Montessori

Amazing/enjoyable! Students were having the time of their lives. They loved the interactive activities that took place. They were very educational…

Omer Z., Leacock Foundation volunteer

The robotics program was great, because [it] helped the children learn about programming and directions. Might want to change the language for small children to help them understand.

Mr. Andrew, Pape Children's House

Good and interactive. It got all of the children working together and participating. There was a lot of trial and error, and problem solving which was great.

Ms. Alex, Sunnylea Childcare Centre

A great experience for the children. They really enjoyed creating programs. The timer is definitely a good tool that should be used so the children can rotate robots.

ECE Teacher, Sunnylea Childcare Centre

The robotics program was interesting, because the children enjoyed learning about coding.

Cris, Whitney Child Centre

The robotics program was fantastic, because [it was] very educational and the children enjoyed the experience! I was amazed, this was the first one I saw of coding.

Nanei, Whitney Child Centre

The robotics program was enlightening. Because it’s important for kids to learn how to code using a hands-on approach.

Lynn Rose, Lynn Rose Child Care

A simple and comprehensible way to learn about robotics. It enabled the kids to open up their minds into thinking critically and helped to progress their thinking skills using understandable robots for their age.

Ethan, Lynn Rose Child Care

The robotics program was educational. Because discussed robot programming, problem solving, and directions.

Christina, Lynn Rose Child Care

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