This past weekend as part of our “STEM in Schools” program  we ran a two hour workshop for students of the Leacock Foundation.  It is a non-profit that provides “fee-free, enriched literacy and leadership opportunities to empower youth from underserved communities in Toronto, Canada and Eastern Cape, South Africa, through a unique community partnership model.”

The students enjoyed the educational content of the program, especially the competitive games in which they had to put their knowledge to defeat the opposing team. Here’s a few of the comments that we received after the program finished:

  • The robotics program was good because you learn new things. —John
  • The robotics program was awesome/exciting because the robot moves very cool and we were able to control it. — Riddhi
  • The robotics program was amazing because it was fun moving robots. –Charmi
  • The robotics program was excellent, because we played lots of games and I love coding. –Aman
  • The robotics program was fun and cool because we were challenged to get to our destination. –Dhwergi

It wasn’t just the students who enjoyed the program. Program supervisors also left us encouraging comments:

  • The robotics program was fun and cool, because it was nice to learn how to make robots move through a computer.

We enjoyed working with Leacock Foundation students. Thank you to all and hope to see you again!