STEM birthday parties in Toronto are new but very popular thanks to Genius Owl. STEM programs nowadays are a critical part of elementary school curriculum. Schools and parents alike are eager to encourage critical thinking and analytic skills required in science and math education in their students.

Despite an undeserved reputation for being dry and boring, science and math can be very exciting and fun but educational as well. The curious and inquisitive mind of children wants to learn new things all the time. It’s us, teachers and parents, who can’t set the stage of learning properly.

This doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any success in this area. A lot of teachers and parents have tried and succeeded. Genius Owl has been active in this field since 2013 offering science-themed or as its better know STEM birthday parties in Toronto.

We started by our signature and very unique Minecraft birthday parties. Minecraft being a video game could make some people a little bit suspicious about its educational value, or its behavioural side effects. But our experience was very positive. Children were using their critical thinking skills to come up with strategies to build a house or find their way out of a dangerous situation. And all of that was in a competitive and fun environment. This is exactly what makes education exciting and effective.

Continuing on our path to offer STEM birthday parties to the public, we introduced Robot Wars birthday parties. This was even more popular than Minecraft and received a huge welcome from parents. They could see their children immersed in the technology of future while having fun for their birthday parties. Robot Wars required children to learn a little bit of programming which was a bonus for many kids.

And finally for the more artistic minds we added an “A” to STEM and gave birthday parties the STEAM they were lacking: Genius Owl’s Minecraft stop motion animation parties have provided a unique opportunity for kids to express their creativity through their favourite game and explore their artistic talent.