Robotics & Coding for Elementary Schools

Recently we had the opportunity to visit an elementary school in Toronto. It was a workshop on Coding & Robotics for Elementary Schools. Kids were very interested. They listened with huge interest and participated passionately. The concepts of programming and coding, though sounding abstract, were not totally unfamiliar to them. Kids quickly could grasp the concepts of “sequences” and “loops” that are fundamental building blocks of coding.

The benefits of the workshop were not limited just to theoretical programming concepts. Below you can find some of the other benefits that students would gain from participating in a robotics & coding workshop:

  1. Communication skills: kids had to talk to each other to complete the tasks they were given. It was a good opportunity for them to practice their communication skills.
  2. Teamwork: programming and coding are well known to be a teamwork kind of work. Times have gone when a single maverick programmer could sit down and binge code for a whole weekend or more. Nowadays programmers are expected to adhere to team rules.
  3. Organizational skills: attending a workshop and working as a team requires you to follow certain rules: respect other participants and your team members. Keep the working area clean and tidy. Develop solid time management skills to finish your tasks on time.

Teachers in the above mentioned class recognized all these benefits and left the following testimonials:

The robotics program was fantastic, because [it was] very educational and the children enjoyed the experience! I was amazed, this was the first one I saw of coding.


The robotics program was interesting, because the children enjoyed learning about coding.


Considering the success and effectiveness on the program on developing children’s learning skills in different areas, it’s not surprising that more and more schools are planning to incorporate STEM programs into their curriculum.