Digital Media for Kids

Podcasting is not just about recording a few minutes of random rants and uploading it on the Internet. To produce a high quality podcast, students need to learn about digital media and journalism in the Internet age, production tool and techniques, and more. That’s what they will learn at Genius Owl‘s Podcasting program.

Podcasting at Genius Owl

A student at Genius Owl‘s podcasting program, interviews a fellow student for her podcast.

Being Media Smart!

Media education in Ontario has been mandated since 1987 but schools have not been able to keep up with the extra-ordinary speed of digital media expansion. Our children are exposed to a huge variety of new media every day.

Kids learn to use new technology very quickly, sometimes at speeds that surprises their parents. But that doesn’t mean they also understand the culture and ethics of the new digital media. That’s what we focus on teaching them at our Podcasting program.

Student Projects

On the right hand side here, you can find a few episodes of a podcast series produced by one of Genius Owl’s summer camp students.