Genius Owl: Owl Famil Club

What is it?

Owl Family Club is the community of parents who have trusted us with the education and entertainment of their children. They are our loyal friends who understood the value in the services we offer and supported us from day one. That’s why we started this club: to express our gratitude to them and say “Thank You!”


Owl Family Club learn first about our programs and services before we announce it publicly. They have preferential access to registration and booking times. We offer them special discounts as our way of appreciating their loyalty.
Beside our own programs and services, from time to time, we partner up with other local businesses in York Region and offer their services to Owl Family Club members at discounted rates.
Owl Family Club members stay in touch through or monthly newsletter The Hoot.

How to join?

Membership in Owl Family Club is by invitation only. Due to large number of requests, currently only those who have been invited by a current member or us will be considered for membership.