Welcome into 2017! With a new year comes another 365 days, and one of them is bound to be your child’s birthday. This means another opportunity for an exciting birthday party to celebrate. It is such a momentous occasion! However, this also means scrambling for new birthday party ideas to make sure this party will be better than all the previous years. But don’t worry, we have the solution for you.

New Birthday Party Ideas

Genius Owl has come out with engaging new birthday party ideas to try out with your child(ren). These are especially innovative because they do not expand on the worn out princess or superhero theme. It rather lets your children explore any of their talents and interests, while learning something along the way. Both boys and girls will have a wonderful experience with all of our new birthday party ideas. We provide themes ranging from secret agents, to DIY, karaoke, or hacking.

Our fresh line of themes spread across a variety of different topics, but all have something in common. Every one of them are filled with fun activities that will have everyone looking back at the memories while smiling. Genius Owl has striven to improve its service for your kids and has released over 15 themes that are enjoyable for all ages. There is something for everyone, no matter if you are 3 or 12. Genius Owl is guaranteed to provide a safe, comfortable, and most importantly unique environment for all of our customers.

Choosing a Theme

All of our new birthday party ideas can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming at first, which one should you choose for your child? Well on our website is a page of new themes that is easily navigated. We have split our themes into the categories of arts, money, music, mystery, science, and tech. Evidently, there is something for each child’s potential interest. We offer many opportunities to step out of the comfort zone and try something new. Choosing a theme for your child may have gotten easier with clusters we provided, but the choice is ultimately down to your child.

Let him or her choose what really appeals to them, it’s their birthday! Of course you also know your child better than anyone, and the party is a family effort. Consider their likes and dislikes and also external factors such as their friends, the number of participants, and price. An expressive child may like to have a Dream Drama Party, whereas a deeper thinker may want a Crime Scene Investigation. These themes let children show their individuality and passions.

The best thing about these new themes is that Genius Owl is no longer limited to technology! Although computer literacy is still a very important skill for children to develop our service will always be one of edutainment, now parents who do not want their children to spend more time on the computer have more options. Children will also appreciate our creative new birthday party ideas and are certain to be thrilled with a party planned with Genius Owl.