In need for a fast and fun birthday party idea? Why not consider music birthday parties? They are growing in popularity and most importantly, enjoyable for everyone involved! Not only is music a great way to celebrate a child’s special day, it is also beneficial to their learning and expressive abilities. Check out all the fun things music birthday parties can offer your child! No need to stress over coming up with a birthday party idea again.

Musical Fun

Music is a great theme for any child’s birthday party. Kids can make music, play and dance to the music, and sing along with music to have the time of their lives! Best of all, it requires very little planning and is a guaranteed success. Even if your child hasn’t expressed an interest in music yet, this is a great way for them to try new things. It can unlock their hidden potential and nurture their future interest. The guests will leave the party with outstanding memories of their time with the birthday girl/boy.

Some more specific themes to try out for music birthday parties are karaoke, dance party, and 70s disco. Whatever your child wants, there’s something for them! Smaller activities you can incorporate into your party planning are musical chairs, guitar hero, and freeze dance. Throughout the party, you can even blast the music so everyone feels energetic and happy. But there’s more! Not only is music super fun for the birthday girl/boy and their guests, it has a scientific benefit as well.

Educational Benefits of Music Birthday Parties

Birthdays are definitely the best day of the year for a child, and they deserve to have a blast. But who said that they can’t learn something along the way? Music birthday parties are not only extremely entertaining, they can be educational too! The various connections that music forms within the brain can change the way a child thinks, for the better. In some studies, it has been proven that music can increase the IQ of a child. This allows them to memorize more, think faster, and develop better abilities to empathize with others.

How can a birthday party that offers a combination with fun and learning get any better? It doesn’t! Music birthday parties really give children the best of both worlds. They give the kids the wonderful day they deserve, letting them express themselves, and providing an implicit educational experience. Kids can gain stronger emotions from the party and retain fonder memories of the event!

We’re Here To Help

For any parents that need help planning a music birthday, Genius Owl is the place for you. We focus primarily on Minecraft themed birthday parties but we definitely incorporate music into them too. Our service is all about edutainment, which means we balance your child’s entertainment with their education for the long run! Kids at Genius Owl have the most fun with our digital literacy activities and musical experience. They can sing along, dance along, and play along while the music lifts everyone’s spirits. Book a party with Genius Owl today, you and your child won’t regret it!