Minecraft Birthday Parties

Minecraft Birthday Parties

Give your kids a memorable and fun experience!

Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Parties have brought the joy of playing Minecraft, and celebrating a birthday party together. Make your child’s birthday party an unforgettable one: bring the joy of their favourite computer game and their birthday party together. Offer your child a Minecraft birthday party where decorations, snack, loot bags, and the birthday cake resemble Creeper, Steve, Endermen etc! Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Parties run in our location at the heart of Richmond Hill, and there are plenty of parking spaces.

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Genius Owl New Unplugged Minecraft Birthday Parties

Introducing “Unplugged Parties

Do you prefer you children to play Minecraft-themed active, engaging and fun party games during their birthday party instead of video games? Then the new line of “Unplugged Minecraft” parties is for you. Unplugged Minecraft Parties are suitable for kids aged 6 to 12.

Genius Owl Minecraft Parties Are




Kids not only enjoy playing their favourite game with their friends but learn new things along the way!



You have the whole place to yourself, and you are not sharing it with other people while your party is going on.



Your guests don’t need to be Minecraft fans! We have a variety of educational activities to keep everybody happy!



We will run the whole show from the beginning to end: ordering the cake, pizza, snacks, cleaning up, etc!

What’s In A Party?

Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Party Location


Our 800 Sq Ft venue has the capacity to hold up to 40 children and adults. It is decorated to Minecraft theme: kids can find the familiar faces of creepers, pigs, Steve, Ghast and many more. They can put on a Steve mask and take a picture! We provide refrigerated space to keep the cake, snacks and other food. There’s also lots of free parking spaces on weekends.


Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Party packages


With Genius Owl Minecraft birthday parties you are in charge: you choose the right package for your kid’s party. You pay for the number of guests you have. You choose how long the kids can stay on the activities or have food time. If you have more guests, you can go with a package that accommodates it. If you need more time, you can always add extra time as needed.


Activities at a Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Party


Minecraft is the main theme of our parties. Kids can team up play together at different levels and modes of the game, according to their skill and interest levels. They are always supervised by our Game Experts who help them especially the younger and novice players to get the most out of their time at the party. We also offer Minecraft themed unplugged activities (off computer fun party games) and educational robotics.


Extra options for Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Parties


Among the extra options we offer Minecraft Snacks brings into real life the food Minecraft players see in the game. Our unique and exclusive Minecraft Cakes are delicious and bring smile to the faces of birthday kids and their guests. Creeper-face Minecraft Pizzas are another exclusive option of our parties. Minecraft lootbags and Minecraft T-Shirts are among other options of Genius Owl Minecraft parties having in mind your convenience and your child/guests’ happiness.


What Parents Say About Genius Owl Minecraft Parties?

We get most of our customers through word of mouth. Parents talk to their friends, neighbours, and relatives about the fun time their children had at Genius Owl Minecraft Party. We usually hear from parents that they very much liked the level of attention to details in our activities and services. They say Genius Owl is a hidden gem in the community that has not yet been discovered. Parents have told us Genius Owl unlike corporate foreign-owned party places, offers boutique service customized to individual needs of its customers.

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Minecraft parties are fun and kids love playing Minecraft with their friends, and enjoy their time!
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