It’s your kids’ birthday! Let’s guess the theme. Princess? If not that, then it’s definitely a superhero-themed party. It’s quite predictable, considering how common these two themes are. And most birthday party places only have these two themes available. But kids want something a bit more IN. Something a bit more unique. Cool kids party ideas aren’t so easy to think of, let alone search for a place that celebrates it. Well, there is a solution to all of these issues. Genius Owl!

What’s so special about Genius Owl?


Genius Owl has a whole list of unique kids party ideas for you to choose from, and it’s not the usual princess or superhero theme. Genius Owl knows what kids love and hate. It has the most updated kids party ideas, with themes that you may not have even thought about. Star Wars and Minecraft are just two of its most popular themes that kids get super excited for!


It’s true that parents would do anything for their kids, but looking for good kids party ideas is tougher than it seems. First of all, it’s a big hassle spending so much money, arranging for the decorations, cake and games. And it all gets so tiring, that you aren’t even able to enjoy your kids birthday as much as you hoped to. It doesn’t have to be this way! Kids aren’t the only ones who love Genius Owl, parents love it too!

If your kids celebrate their birthday party at Genius Owl then almost EVERYTHING is done for you. Genius Owl takes care of the decorations, character-resembling cakes, funky looking snack and TONS of cool activities! Genius Owl understands that sharing a room can be quite annoying, so it conveniently has a whole room reserved just for YOUR party! Finally, all you have to do is prepare the kids for an AWESOME party!!

Safe and Educational

Genius Owl is an organization that strives to help kids use technology in a healthier way. Celebrating with Genius Owl means that you can be reassured that your kids are in a safe environment. Each one of its activities will supervised by experts. Many birthday party places don’t focus enough on what kids may learn from certain kinds of themes. Genius Owl’s birthday parties do have modern activities and games, but it makes sure that kids leave with a positive message in their mind.

Genius Owl Listens

Both parents and kids have the time of their lives celebrating at Genius owl and often have some amazing suggestions to give as well. Genius Owl has listened to all of those wonderful suggestions and will be incorporating even more themes in the future! Some of the suggested kids party ideas include Mystery, Arts, Traveller and many more. If you have any suggestions, let Genius Owl know!

Come and celebrate at Genius Owl NOW for a day filled with Fun and learning!