No clue too small to ignore… A horrible crime has happened, that has stumped every intelligence agency around the world. With nowhere to turn, and no leads to follow, they call in the experts. You and your CSI team are already well recognized as the best in the world. Everyone is determined to use their scientific knowledge and high tech tools to solve the crime. All you need is a vivid imagination and a few clues on how to make it all happen. We have faith that you can bring the criminals to justice! So get out your gadgets and magnifying glasses –it’s mystery solving time, CSI style!

Genius Owl Secret Agent Party

Secret Agent

Mission impossible… It’s every child’s dream to be a secret agent. Cool, suave, and intelligent, let your children also experience the fun of performing missions! These parties are spooky, mysterious, and exciting. Perfect for kids who love a thrill! The young agents are guaranteed the time of their lives as they go undercover for this top-secret party. The event is full of surprises, as the secret agents try to figure out what’s going on! Who can solve the mystery? Put on your trench coats and pull down your hats–you don’t want anyone to see you having this much fun!

Genius Owl Great Heist Birthday party

The Great Heist

Something was stolen. Possibly the biggest incident in the entire world. It is up to you young detectives to solve the puzzle. Can you put the clues together and crack the case? This party is full of thrill! You never know what’s going to happen, especially if it’s the greatest heist in the Western history! Play detective, find the clues, and catch the thieves! We’re all counting on you!