Genius Owl DIY Kids birthday party

DIY Kids

Dreams Come True! Money makes the world go round. But it doesn’t have to. With our DIY themed birthday party, we teach children how to make their own things with a sense of pride. Empower kids to go beyond being just a consumer, and build what they need. This improves their self-confidence, and prepares them for real life. They still get to celebrate their birthday while in touch with their artistic side!

Creative Crafts Birthday party at Genius Owl

Creative Crafts

The favourite of the crafty crowds: Have creative, expressive, artistic children? We have the perfect theme for you. This party will stimulate kids’ creativity and have them amused for hours! Let your children explore their passions and self-expression through various fun crafts. This is a make-it and take-it slumber party with lots of creative crafts to keep the crafty crowds busy. Everyone is sure to have an artsy blast!