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Are you tired of the same old super-hero or princess birthday parties? Are you looking for new and interesting birthday party ideas with engaging activities? You are at the right place.

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The Genius Owl Difference

Genius Owl breakout birthday partyOpen the Locks and Break out!

Genius Owl’s Breakout Birthday Parties are full of fun and excitement: break the codes, solve the puzzles and break out! This is a team game where kids use their critical thinking skills to solve a series of puzzles. Each game is based on a collection of resettable locks, boxes and items that can be used to play a variety of games.  To succeed kids will need collaboration and communication skills, and creativity. Each game provides players with many opportunities to fail forward. Every unsuccessful attempt to open a lock forces the player to try again. Please watch this video to see the game in action!

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Painting on Rocks Rocks!

We will bring the right rocks and paint, and you bring your imagination: it’s going to be a great Rocks Art birthday party at Genius Owl! Kids will learn to create everything: from googly eyed monsters to miniature owls, paper weights and more. Each pebble is unique and that’s what makes Rock Art exciting and fun. At the end of the party kids can take home their finished work and use it as a decorative item, piece of art or put it into a practical application. Let’s rock!

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Genius Owl Themed Parties: Robots WarI, Robot…

In a not so distant future robots have conquered the earth and now fighting among themselves. But before that happens you are still in control: it’s your robots and you tell them what to do! At a Genius Owl Robot Wars birthday party the birthday star and their guests can put their hands on real electronic robots and drive them using a tablet or other relevant methods. They will be given little problems to solve and improve their critical thinking and teamwork while enjoying the party. Robotic “hot potatoes” with our Sphero robots has been the most popular game thus far. We don’t limit kids to digital gadgets: they can also make their own glow-in-the-dark paper robot; improve their tactile and fine motor skills, and add one more item to their loot bags!

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Minecraft birthday party at Genius Owl

Unique and Memorable Fun

Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Parties have brought the joy of playing Minecraft, and celebrating a birthday party together. Minecraft is the most popular kid’s choice for game, and what’s better for them than getting to enjoy it on their special day? Make your child’s birthday party an unforgettable one: bring the joy of their favourite computer game and their birthday party together. They, and their guests, are sure to be leaving with fond memories in their hearts. Offer your child a Minecraft birthday party where decorations, snack, loot bags, and the birthday cake resemble Creeper, Steve, Endermen etc.! There is something for everyone to enjoy with this creative theme. Genius Owl Minecraft Birthday Parties run in our location at the heart of Richmond Hill. Book your party today, we take care of everything and you’ll have no regrets!

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Genius Owl Star Wars birthday party

May The Force Be With You!

Turn your child’s birthday into an intergalactic journey of fun and joy! Come and celebrate another important milestone of their lives in a Star Wars party. This new and creative theme is seldom found anywhere else! Genius Owl is now offering Star Wars Birthday Parties. Your child is sure to enjoy this innovative take on the popular franchise. We recreate Star Wars and bring you into the middle of the action. Partygoers can experience a whole new world a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Mingle with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers and drive a BB-8. How cool is that? Yes BB-8 is cool, but we make it even cooler by showing you how to write programs for it! Let us give your child both entertainment and education!

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Genius Owl Money Management Billionaires Birthday Party

Take care of the pennies…

Who doesn’t like money? But with great wealth comes great responsibility. Teaching your kids early to work within a budget pays enormously as they get older. This life skill is essential and there is no better way to learn it than adding loads of fun in the experience. It is never too early to help our children learn about the basic ideas behind budgeting, financial planning and entrepreneurship. True to our edutainment philosophy, Genius Owl‘s $Billionaire$ themed party opens the door for your children and introduces them to ideas behind a healthy financial life through fun and engaging games. They’re sure to thank us when they know how to manage money in the future!

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Genius Owl Secret Agent Mystery birthday partyMission impossible…

It’s every child’s dream to be a secret agent. Cool, suave, and intelligent, let your children also experience the fun of performing missions! These parties are spooky, mysterious, and exciting. Perfect for kids who love a thrill! The young agents are guaranteed the time of their lives as they go undercover for this top-secret party. The event is full of surprises, as the secret agents try to figure out what’s going on! Who can solve the mystery? Put on your trench coats and pull down your hats–you don’t want anyone to see you having this much fun!

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Genius Owl creative crafts arts birthday partyThe favourite of the crafty crowds

Have creative, expressive, artistic children? We have the perfect theme for you. This party will stimulate kids’ creativity and have them amused for hours! Let your children explore their passions and self-expression through various fun crafts. This is a make-it and take-it slumber party with lots of creative crafts to keep the crafty crowds busy. Everyone is sure to have an artsy blast!

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Genius Owl The Heist Mystery birthday partyThe Great Heist

Something was stolen. Possibly the biggest incident in the entire world. It is up to you young detectives to solve the puzzle. Can you put the clues together and crack the case? This party is full of thrill! You never know what’s going to happen, especially if it’s the greatest heist in the Western history! Play detective, find the clues, and catch the thieves! We’re all counting on you!

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Genius Owl Crime Scene Investigation birthday partyNo clue too small to ignore…

A horrible crime has happened, that has stumped every intelligence agency around the world. With nowhere to turn, and no leads to follow, they call in the experts. You and your CSI team are already well recognized as the best in the world. Everyone is determined to use their scientific knowledge and high tech tools to solve the crime. All you need is a vivid imagination and a few clues on how to make it all happen. We have faith that you can bring the criminals to justice! So get out your gadgets and magnifying glasses –it’s mystery solving time, CSI style!

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Genius Owl Arty party birthdayThere’s a Picasso in every kid!

There is no better chance than a birthday party to bring out your artsy side. Every kid deserves a chance to develop their self-expression through art. So….showcase your guests creative talents with an awesome Arty Party! The energy in the room will be at an all-time high as the group participates in fun activities! We will help the kids to bring out their inner artistic self. They are guaranteed to have lots exciting memories of their birthday to share with their friends!

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Genius Owl Toon Town Art birthday partyWe all love cartoons!

Move into Toon Town for a party full of animated fun. There’s nothing more amusing for a kid than seeing cartoons come to life. We even have exciting activities catered especially towards each little guest! Have your child choose their favourite comic or cartoon character and we’ll use it to entertain them. They will laugh, jump, and play around with their animated hero! Everyone will leave the party with smiles for days. When the kids see Mickey, Minnie, Bugs or Popeye at the party, they’ll go Looney Tunes!

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Genius Owl Drama birthday partyDreams Come True!

Lights! Camera! Action! Kids who like to dress up, act, and be stars will love these theatrical parties! They get to experience the adrenaline of performing. This party is all about putting on a play — from designing a set to developing characters to staging the performance. Kids can live their fantasy of working in a theatrical studio! We teach them how to produce an award winning drama. Most of the games and activities are parts of a single play production. A short script, a few actors and some simple material will create a dream drama!

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Genius Owl DIY Kids birthday partyDreams Come True!

Money makes the world go round. But it doesn’t have to. With our DIY themed birthday party, we teach children how to make their own things with a sense of pride. Empower kids to go beyond being just a consumer, and build what they need. This improves their self-confidence, and prepares them for real life. They still get to celebrate their birthday while in touch with their artistic side!

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Genius Owl Science Crazy Lab birthday PartiesScience Is Beautiful!

Since birth, kids have been asking questions. Now, they are given the opportunity to find some answers! Curious kids can explore, discover and delight in these exciting games. Let the budding scientists enjoy a party that offers a close-up look at the wonders of the world. They can explore the different branches of science and unlock their hidden passions. Science can be magical, tasty, silly, and fun when you create a few amazing experiments. The kids are sure to have an explosive time! Slip on the lab coats — it’s time to explore the mysterious realms of weird science!

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Genius Owl Music Maker birthday partySound of Music!

Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a droplet full of sun… This party is perfect for kids who like to make music, sing and get down on the dance floor! We provide fun filled musical activities for everyone to enjoy themselves. There’s music in the air when you host a Music Maker party at Genius Owl —and you don’t even have to carry a tune! The children can build their own self-confidence and showcase their talent to their friends. Provide the young musicians with musical opportunities and watch the party turn up the volumes.

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Genius Owl Karaoke Music birthday partyGrab the mic!

Grab the microphone and gather the guests for a sing-along Karaoke Party! We’re calling all performers with a love of music to have a blast at this exciting party. They can sing along to popular songs, cute children songs; the choice is up to them! There’s no better way for kids to spend their birthday than belting out songs with their friends. The energy in the room will reach all-time highs as they remember this important day for years to come. Kids love to perform their favourite songs, so let them become the next Lady Gaga, Elvis or Barney for a couple of musical hours!

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Genius Owl DJ Dance Music birthday partyDance with me!

Hey, kids! So you think you can dance? Show us what you got by bringing your best moves to a DJ Dance party. Get all your friends involved too and make it into an epic dance-off. It’s All-Dance Radio bringing you the latest in rap, hip-hop, rock & roll, punk, new wave, country and soul! The possibilities are endless here at Genius Owl! You choose the music style and the party will keep the beat!

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Genius Owl Hacker Kids birthday partyGo against the Anonymous!

What is hacking? There are many misconceptions of the art. Hacking is not just about gaining access to other computers illegally. Hacking is also problem solving. Our birthday party theme embodies this idea as well as incorporating exciting activities. At Genius Owl Hacker Kids Birthday Parties kids are encouraged to come up with smart and innovative ideas to reach their goal. They are taught essential computer skills needed in the 21st century while still having fun on their birthday. They are led to think out of the box and design new solutions for their old problems. This helps them to become creators, rather than consumers; leader rather than followers. Set your children up for success by letting them learn with Genius Owl, the best in our practice.

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Genius Owl Coding Tykes birthday partyCoding is problem solving!!

Programming doesn’t need to be on a computer or tablet. Genius Owl strongly believes in giving children computer literacy skills so they can survive in the modern world. That’s why we have come up with a unique birthday party theme: coding! We have made coding fun and educational for the very young among us! Kids as young as 3 now can learn about the basic ideas behind programming (critical thinking and problem solving) in a fun way! They can spend their birthday being challenged with exciting activities and problems, and feel the thrill of solving them. What’s best is that this prepares them for the real world, so they have a head start!

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Genius Owl video games birthday partyGood old video games!

If your kids are video game fans, here’s a party especially catered for their likes! We provide a fun-filled birthday experience for your kids on their special day. They deserve a break from all that school to relax with their friends. The children can spend some quality bonding time together through gaming. Invite your guests and play a set of 8 popular games (does not include Minecraft). We can ensure they have an amazing time that leaves them grinning from ear to ear!

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