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Are you tired of the same old super-hero or princess birthday parties? Are you looking for new and interesting birthday party ideas with engaging activities?  Do you prefer to have your child’s birthday party at your own home? Are your guests closer to your location than our venue? Do you prefer to serve your own home-made snacks and cake?

You are at the right place! There could be lots of reasons that make you to prefer holding your child’s birthday party at home and ask us to bring the activities to you. Now we are happy to tell you that we can do that: look for the Party Comes2U icon beside party descriptions.

The Genius Owl Difference

Why “Party Comes2U”?

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The party was exciting. We got to do multiple activities.

Leila, party guest

The party was special. It was lots of fun!

Justine, party guest

The party was fun. We got to do good activities.

Nia, party guest

The party was exciting! There are games and problems to solve.

Nicole, birthday girl

Amazing! Genius Owl was here!

Lakshmi, party guest

The party was so much fun! The games were fun.

Isadora, party guest

Amazing! The games were fun!

Alicia, party guest

The party was awesome. Because of the collaboration.

Sara, party guest

The party was fun, because it was creative.

Bella, party guest

Fun! The games were fun to figure them out.

Melissa, party guest

 What Next?

STEP 1: Get the details

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Step 2: Questions?

If you still have any questions, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions which you can take a look here:

STEP 3: Book Your Party!

Genius Owl themed parties are fun and kids love playing exciting and engaging party games with their friends!
Now that you have all the information, what are you waiting for? Book your party now!