Whether you’re a kid or an adult, birthday parties are something to be celebrated by everyone. That’s why it is so important to have an idea that really changes from year to year, that you will enjoy on the special day. There are so many possibilities as to the type of party you can host: for yourself, your child, and the guests. Try something themed this year, or fill it to the brim with activities that will keep everyone happy! Keep scrolling to find something out of all our interesting birthday party ideas you are sure to love.

Thematic Parties

Themes are the most popular choice for a birthday party, and they dominate our list of interesting birthday party ideas. There are so many different opportunities open in a thematic birthday party. Anything is possible if the birthday girl/boy wants it! Aside from the classic superhero or princess theme, consider themes such as cooking, karaoke, sports, or mystery. Lots of kids love to cook and sing, themed birthday parties can really let them express themselves and grow their passions. Sports and mystery themed parties give children the experience of developing tactile and problem solving skills while they can still have fun. Let your kid develop their skills and interests by supporting their choice of a theme. Remember, it’s their birthday party!

Party Activities

Coming up with interesting birthday party ideas is only half the battle! In addition to that, it’s important to keep everyone happy with fun games the entire party. It really makes the difference between a plain party and an interesting one. Some universally enjoyable games include: charades, a treasure hunt, musical chairs….and Minecraft! Yes you read that correctly. Minecraft is a video game that came out in 2011 and is still one of the most played games today.

Anyone is bound to love it, and that’s what makes it the best out of all interesting birthday party ideas. Charades is an acting game that helps kids build up their self-confidence and always ends with everyone in giggles. Treasure hunt is important for teamwork and musical chairs really shows everyone’s competitive side in a playful way. If the birthday girl/boy is a bit older then they can play board games such as monopoly, or card games like president.

Interesting Birthday Party Ideas by Genius Owl

Here at Genius Owl, we take care of all your interesting birthday party ideas with fun activities and mix them into one. We specialize in providing the best Minecraft themed birthday party for your kids! It really gives them the best of both worlds. They have the best birthday experience with all their friends while playing one of the most popular games in the world.

We take care of all the party set ups for the parents and best of all: the kids learn something! Yeah that’s right, education isn’t restricted to school. With Genius Owl birthday parties, your kids can have a blast and learn new things along the way! There are other inclusive educational activities and expertly designed Minecraft themed food to add to the entire experience. Parents have labelled it one of their best interesting birthday party ideas for their kids. What are you waiting for? Book your next birthday party with us.