SO many choices, so little time. Sounds like you? Probably because your kids’ birthday is right around the corner! You’ve saved cute decorations and birthday hats that kids wear only to make their parents happy. But it’s your turn now. What makes your kids happy? Probably not some fancy restaurant, too young for that. Probably not a Super Mario-themed party either, too old for that. So what do kids like these days? Many parents find it hard to think of cool ideas for kids’ birthday parties, considering how fast technology is advancing. Which movie or game trends for more than a month? Are there any? Oh yes, Minecraft! It’s fun, educational and kids still love it! But there is no time to search for Minecraft decorations, invitations, loot bags and cakes. What to do?

Genius Owl’s ideas for kids’ birthday parties

Genius Owl’s creative ideas for kids’ birthday parties are here to save the day! Often times, children sacrifice their social lives just to get some extra time on their favourite game. Well this is about to change! Genius Owl’s Minecraft Birthday party celebrates kids’ birthday parties collectively with their favourite game. Children will get a chance to socialize with their friends by actively playing video games and other more physical games. Genius Owl arranges for ALL Minecraft decorations, snacks, games and character-resembling cakes. Your job is just to bring the kids! Children celebrate their Minecraft birthday party with entertaining cardboard cutouts and cool robotic toys, all under experts’ supervision.

More than just fun

Genius Owl itself is an organization working towards raising the future leaders of this society. At Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday party, Kids learn to interact with technology in a healthier way. Kids inviting friends over to watch a movie could be a problem. You can never be 100% sure about what the kids are watching. Or whether what they’re watching will be a positively or a negatively influence on them. Today’s kids may still love super heroes and barbie dolls but are these figures good role models for them? Genius Owl’s Minecraft-themed ideas for kids’ birthday parties ensure parents that they’re children will be in the right hands.

Ideas for kids' birthday parties
Privacy is another major concern for parents. It can be really irritating to have to share a room with kids, especially with all the distractions. Sharing may be caring but sometimes it can be the total opposite. It is hard enough to take care of the kids, let alone separating your children from others’. At Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday party, you have the room all to yourself. No distractions, no worries, just fun fun and more fun!