Genius Owl Halloween Escape Room Breakout PartyIn case you have missed it, people have been going nuts over escape rooms these days. From murder mysteries to axe throwing, paint bomb  and even some in the outdoor. Even though escape room games are good for team building, family bonding and having fun But none of the above options are really appropriate for children. That’s why we came up with a great idea for you and your family:  Halloween Escape Room Party for kids!

Why Halloween Escape Room Party?

Kids get very excited at this time of the year. Halloween and its rituals bring a lot of memories from our childhood days: from trick or treating on the street with friends, to the victorious look on the kids’ faces happy about the huge pile of candies they have gathered that night. That’s why throwing a Halloween party would add to the fun, and make a memorable day for the family. Even though escape rooms are very popular with adults, but child psychology experts agree holding kids in a confined area for a long time is not going to have a positive effect on them. What we offer instead, is both fun and educational with no adverse effects on children.

Better than Escape Room: Breakout!

Breakout parties based on the revolutionary BreakoutEdu platform provides an immersive learning games environment. The games are great for team building, learning a subject, or just having fun. Each game consists of 5 puzzles. Solving each puzzle will unlock one of the locks that’s put the main Breakout box. Unlocking the last lock, opens the box and brings a huge amount of joy and satisfaction. Usually there is a large timer counting down the time that kids have until opening the last lock on the box. When it gets to the very last minutes, the excitement level shuts up the roof and kids go crazy

You too can bring the fun and excitement to your children or students in your class.