Summer Camps at Genius Owl

Summer camps are part and parcel of kids summer time! This year, Genius Owl will be offering a variety of summer camp programs for children of age groups 6-8 and 9-12. The summer camps programs include Minecraft Mods, Game Design, Robotics, Math, Computer Programming and Podcasting. We have designed these fun and engaging summer camps to provide campers with an exciting and educational experience. The few weeks that they spend here will leave memories and skills that are sure to last a lifetime.
Genius Owl summer camps programs teach life skills including collaboration, time management and goal settings to young children. This will set a solid foundation of learning skills for them to utilize in their later years.


There are six different summer camp programs, each of them with their own unique course and activities.
Minecraft Mods is a program for children aged 9-12 and revolves around the popular video game Minecraft. In Minecraft children are able to create and build their own world through mining and crafting.  Minecraft Mods program takes children’s love for this hit video game and turns it into a new learning opportunity. Children will learn how to modify Minecraft, create their own personalized mods and design many more additions to the game such as new texture packs and custom armor sets. Minecraft Mods teaches children about JavaScript Programming, Graphical Intuitive Coding and also helps to stimulate creative thinking.

Game Time

The Game Design program is directed towards the age groups 9-12 and 6-8. Each group participating in their own activities. Game Design allows campers to create their own game for computers and phones. Genius Owl teaches concepts about game design, computer game programming. We also provide projects and activities for each of these areas. This program also offers an “unplugged” version, meaning non-digital, game design activities and lessons on animation, music production and computer graphics.

I, Robot

The Robotics program focuses on computer and robotics programming. It is also directed to both ages 9-12 and 6-8. Through a hands-on method, students learn to program robotics both on a computer and a robot. At the end of the session students will apply their knowledge in a robotic project to take home. There are also fun physical activities such as community walks, movie time and crafts.

Math Is King!

MathMagic is a summertime program that reinforces the school math curriculum and applies a modern approach to teaching math. Available age groups are for children aged 9-12 and 6-8. Through MathMagic students will learn the language of science through digital technology tools as well as math. MathMagic makes learning math a fun activity by teaching math concepts through programming, fun games and activities.
Hacker Kids is a summer camp program that focuses solely on computer programming. Hacker kids program is suitable for children aged 9-12. Campers learn to program computers, modify programs and methods of hacking through computer projects, games and problem solving.
Podcasting teaches the fundamentals of reporting and journalism. Projects include creating their own news bulletin and creating podcasts and videos. Through this program children ages 9-12 and 6-8 will learn how to tell stories through digital formats and how to impress and influence their audiences.