It’s back to school time again and learning French is one of the many important aspects of our children’s education. That’s why French classes for students at Genius Owl can help out struggling students. You could ask why should my child learn French at all? Learning French opens a lot of doors to them. There’s no doubt Canadians are facing an extremely competitive job market. In January, Statistics Canada revealed there are three times more people applying for jobs than there are openings. But there are also Baby Boomer generation of public service employees who are retiring and need to be replaced by new generation.

Leaning French not only offers your children a better job prospect, but also a better salary. In Toronto, Francophone workers make roughly $5,000 a year more than the median income of their uni lingual counterparts. They’re also more represented in incomes higher than $70,000 a year. Many Canadians are aware about these problems but yet the bilingualism is on downwards trend. There are lots of Canadians who speak a language other than English or french but unfortunately that doesn’t help them a lot.

Your children shouldn’t miss the opportunity of finding a job and a well-paid one for that matter. So wait no more and call us today to arrange your FREE 30 minute assessment session for your child.