You taught your kids how to talk. How to walk. How to run, and how to have fun. But it was much easier to entertain them when they were younger. And it was much easier to keep track of their likes and dislikes, considering the amount of time you spent with them. Now, their school, their friends and this society as a whole spends time with them too. Some parents may be happy that their children are catching up to this world, while others worry. A lot of the times, worried parents start limiting their children right after they expose them to the world, but it doesn’t have to be this way; especially on their birthdays. Parents do search for the best birthday party ideas for kids, but often look for something more educational and less fun. Kids don’t like that.

It isn’t easy to find the best birthday party ideas for kids these days. Particularly because of the kinds of interests that are trending. Super heroes, fashion, dolls, makeup, cartoons etc. Generally, it’s the shows on TV and popular video games kids like. And that’s usually what comes to mind when searching for the best birthday party ideas for kids. But is there a way to satisfy both the children’s wishes and their parents’ concerns? Definitely!


  1. Minecraft

Genius Owl searches for the best birthday ideas for kids, modifies them to make them more educational, and makes sure they remain super fun! Kids love Minecraft. A very popular, and a very educational game. In fact, more and more schools are using this game as a tool to teach children. Genius Owl uses it for the same purpose. At Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday party, children get to enjoy celebrating their favourite day of the year with their favourite game. And also learn new things along the way! When children have fun doing something, they often do it again. If kids start loving Minecraft even more, then they may even loose interest in games that encourage harmful behaviours.

  1.  Star Wars

Star Wars is a movie, a TV show and a game. It’s everything to kids. And to Genius Owl, it’s an advantage. Because of its robotic background, Genius Owl was able to recreate the movie with a more educational approach to it. At Genius Owl’s Star Wars birthday party, children get to play with Star Wars-themed electronic games, engage in unplugged party games and learn to program robots! It is hectic enough to find a perfect place and time to celebrate and invite all your child’s friends, so Genius Owl decided to give you hand in decorating the area, baking a cake, arranging for snacks and cleaning in the end! The list doesn’t end here. The birthday boy/girl will go home carrying a free complimentary pass to come visit again!

  1.   Hacker kids

Yes, you read right. Kids will learn to hack. But, you thought wrong. Hacking is not just about gaining access to other computers illegally. It’s about problem solving. It’s especially interesting to kids because of all the spy shows they must be watching. Hacking can be fun and educational, especially when you’re using it as your birthday party theme! Genius Owl’s hacker kids birthday party allows children to think critically, work as a team and share new discoveries while enjoying the latest tech toys and unplugged activities. Let your child experience the closest thing to becoming a spy; hacking!

  1. Robotics

You don’t mind Star Wars, but would prefer the focus of the party to be on “robotics”? NO PROBLEM! Genius Owl completely understands, which is why it has produced a separate robotic-themed birthday party. You don’t necessarily have to know or Star Wars to love robotics. You just have to love having fun! This birthday party theme contains all the basic programming lessons, fun digital and unplugged activities and a stress free day! All the work, from arranging the decorations and snacks, to the robot-themed cake, is done for you. You don’t even have to clean up after yourselves!

  1. Theme-less party

Is your child confused about what kind of party he/she wants? As long as he/she is looking to have fun, he/she can join Genius Owl’s theme-less birthday party! Eating delicious food, partying with friends. It’s just like old school! Except, you are assured that your child is in a safe environment and right in front of your eyes. All the decorations, snacks, cake and fun-filled activities are arranged for you. You don’t even have to search for the best birthday party ideas for kids! All you have to do is bring the kids! Genius Owl knows how stressful and tiring birthday parties can be, so it has specifically created a theme-less party where you won’t even have choose a theme! Prepare to relax and have fun!