Recently, a new type of party becoming popular among kids and adults alike is the escape room party, where participants have to use their heads to escape a locked room before their time runs out. Escape room parties require you to think quickly and explore all possibilities, anything can be a clue that can help you get out on time. You need to work together with your team to solve the puzzles and riddles, or else you might never escape…

What Are Escape Room Parties?

Escape room parties help nurture problem solving, logic and collaboration skills in kids, while still being a fun challenge to do with friends. The riddles you may need to solve will challenge your math and literacy skills, and require you to read between the lines and think outside the box. Whether In most cases, the parties are based on a cool theme, like pirates or spies, but since they require a lot of space and redecoration of rooms, the diversity of the themes may be quite limited. Plus, more often than not, escape room parties require you to go to their location, and cannot come to you.

What if you wanted to host your party in the comfort of your own home?  What if you wanted a more dynamic escape room party experience, where kids can enjoy their party, and you can have peace of mind. Genius Owl offers exciting and engaging Breakout parties which are similar to escape room parties, but the kids don’t escape from anything, they break into a mystery box, full of goodies, locked completely shut with multiple locks. Kids need to use their wits to solve puzzle upon puzzle in the given time to break into the box, and see what’s hidden inside.

What Are Breakout Parties?

Breakout parties, while similar to escape room parties, have some key differences. Firstly, we come to you. No need for you to find an escape room location, which may be too far from you or your guests, because our party comes right to your door. If you are worried that your house may not have enough room for a party for however many guests you have, you are not out of luck just yet! Condominiums usually have party rooms they can rent to you, and community centres also may have some larger rooms available for your party.

Our parties are also very customisable, they can be themed to many, many things. Be it Minecraft, science, math, CSI, spies, or whatever you or your child may want, our Breakout parties can be tailored to your needs. Escape room parties may have a few good themes, but they do not match the attention to detail given to our parties when we design them for your kids.

You may also be thinking that while an escape room party seems interesting, you have younger children who may not be able to solve the puzzles in escape rooms, usually designed for adults. Breakout parties tailor also to age, and ensure all children can enjoy solving age-appropriate and curriculum-following challenges just for them.

Genius Owl Breakout parties are a great way to spend your child’s birthday or any special occasion because of their educational value alongside all the fun kids will have solving riddles, brain teasers and puzzles.