This is the first post that our new colleague Jasmine is writing for us. She is a young professional and has a strong eye to see things that many of us might have ignored because of our daily hectic lives. We hope you will enjoy her fascinating column as we do.

Some readers might be surprised to know that I have worked several jobs where I have been in charge of conducting birthday parties for children. Whether it be baking cupcakes, dancing, or painting, I’ve just about done it all. The questions that parents always ask when picking up their children remain the same. Did you have fun? And, the immediate follow-up: what did you do? What did you learn? 

The days of not knowing what to do for your child’s birthday party are long gone. Today’s parents love the idea of having educational parties where children can be entertained, get to know each other, and most importantly, learn from each other. The problem with this new trend is that most parties are not leaving a long-lasting effect on kids. This time surrounded by friends is an opportunity to enrich kids with skills and knowledge that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. It’s an opportunity to introduce passion, fun, and a love for knowledge so that their party turns into a love of growth and learning. This desire is what has led to the most recent trend: educational birthday parties.

Quite simply, children learn best while being entertained. This is why there have been recent discussions about the need to overhaul our education systems. Sitting down in a chair and listening to a professor or instructor speak just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s children are vibrant, ambitious, exuberant, and need more to flex their minds than ever before. Contrary to what some may think, this is a gift. It is an opportunity for educators to step in and challenge them in ways that we have never seen before. What better way to do that than at your child’s birthday party? And who better to help you do it than Genius Owl?

Genius Owl believes in education, entertainment, and empowerment. They offer STEM-focused activities for your birthday star that enriches the minds of your little ones in ways other parties do not. They plan and bring activities to your doorstep so that you don’t have to play the same “pin the tail on the donkey” or musical chairs. Most importantly, Genius Owl treats every party differently and sees every child as an individual. This isn’t a  cookie-cutter party; Genius Owl listens to you and your child. They personalize each party and address your concerns, needs, and desires. There are several different themes that your child can choose from to bring their birthday dreams to life, and keep their minds engaged.

I know that most of you have had the following experience: you walk into the room, and your child is sitting at the television. You try to get their attention. Once. Twice. Three times. And in the meantime, your child has not pried their eyes away from the television. I’m sure we all know by now that entertainment is becoming increasingly disengaging. So, why not have your kid’s birthday party be a chance to connect with them and learn something new together?