Do we need digital detox for kids? With the biggest changes in technology and innovations, kids are exposed to a more modern lifestyle. Parents and families appreciate this modern lifestyle changes and conveniences however, its negative impacts on kids can never be denied.
More parents are now worried about the excessive amount of time spent by children on devices. As parents, they start to fear about what these kids will end up to if they continue to be seriously inclined with modern devices or engaged themselves into worthless online activities. With such scenario, these kids are actually missing out on so many things that they essentially need to grow and become better persons. Screen time increased relentlessly and use of devices has become uncontrollable and widespread.
In such cases, parents are highly advised to enforce “digital detox for their kids” and this is the right thing that every parent should do. Parents also need to take part on this challenging journey of their kids considering the fact that parents are sometimes the ones responsible on making their kids end up like that. They tend to use devices as means to keep their kids quiet or as forms of babysitting which actually make screen dependency and addiction worst.

Our Approach and Solution

There are ways or solutions that parents commonly used when dealing with the situation such as:

  • Shouting or yelling at them every other five or ten minutes asking them to put their computers aside
  • Dragging their kids away from the computer
  • Threatening them and more…

However, there are no reports proving the success of these methods. When these solutions do not work, as a parent

hat will you do?

Our approach and solutions are practical and based on Science. We fully understand how hard it is for parents to see their children on such unpleasant situation so we make sure that we have the most effective approach that can guarantee the best digital detox for kids.
We understand all the difficulties and frustrations faced by many parents today and real issues encountered by kids because of excessive use of devices and technology in general, so we at Genius Owl finally come up with a unique, practical and proven effective Digital Detox for Kids.

Our Team

We take pride in employing the best team which is composed of the following:

  • A veteran computer engineer
  • OCT accredit teacher of Ontario public schools
  • An expert consultant with solid expertise in Education in Developmental Psychology
  • A highly experienced computer instructor who is also expert in teaching and working with kids
  • A Psychologist with 20 years of experience, making use of the CBT methods in treating internet addiction.

Genius Owl-The Most Trusted Provider of Effective Digital Detox for Kids

We fully understand the challenge and most difficulty of struggling parents so to help them out; we are here to provide an effective digital detox for kids that will surely change their lives and their parents’ lives for the better.
To receive the best help from our team, kindly contact us at (289) 637-5879.