“Coding for Girls” is as important as their other study subjects. Genius Owl believes in equal opportunities for everyone. It is really important for kids to experience a wholesome education. Our edutainment service couples learning with all the fun of parties, camps, and games. We see that girls especially are left out when it comes to important computer skills. Girls face many barriers when dealing with computers. Coding and electronics are unfortunately not seen to be suited for females. However, computer literacy and coding for girls are extremely important. In this day and age, it is essential that kids learn to program and code for their futures. Knowing how to code can improve critical thinking skills and improve logic. We at Genius Owl are inclusive in the way we bring computer literacy to all kids. We say that coding is for girls too!

Genius Owl and Coding for Girls

Genius Owl provides many ways that girls can get involved in program writing. We have weekly classes and seasonal camps that teach relevant computer literacy skills. Let your girls and boys grow with simple coding activities. A popular program to consider with us is our DigiFit after-school technology classes. They prepare children for another season of learning and education in technology, robotics, and digital media. Genius Owl is proud to offer families in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan and throughout the York Region educational classes in robotics, Minecraft Mods, game design and more.

Another program true to the heart of our service is Minecraft mods. Minecraft is not only for boys, Genius Owl encourages coding for girls as they learn how to modify Minecraft. They also learn graphical intuitive coding, JavaScript programming, and creative thinking. In addition to Minecraft, general game design is a good way to encourage learning. Girls can feel empowered with game design and programming projects. They learn animation, music production, and computer graphics. Their games can be for phones and computers. Coding is not only for boys, coding for girls is a must-have too!

A seasonal camp that we provide is quite predictably a summer camp. Once again, we open the doors for programming to girls. There are general lessons on coding for girls with basic and kid-friendly languages such as Scratch. They are presented with a problem and they must first identify the root of the problem. From there, they have to come up with a creative solution and then apply it to the scenario. The games are computer based, so this benefits them in multiple ways. Your girls and boys can practice computer literacy and also develop necessary thinking processes for their future.

Birthday Parties

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Our computer literacy themes parties are obviously also available for girls to enjoy. There is no better way to make education fun for children than with a party! Our parties cater to girls and boys need for fun, but also keep their minds working. They can learn creativity and problem solving along with programming with our parties! Genius Owl allows their imaginations to soar. We give your children activities with Minecraft and robots to simulate learning and cognitive skills. These opportunities that we provide are really important for females, as they are already at a disadvantage. Genius Owl provides an environment where coding for girls is celebrated and encouraged.