• STEM for schools: Genius Owl stem programs

STEM for Schools

More and more, emphasis is being put on science, technology, engineering and math or STEM for schools. In Canada, fields relating to science and technology are becoming increasingly relevant, economically and in our day-to-day lives. STEM plays a key role in youth in that it builds skills that will help them in their future careers

  • Genius Owl Minecraft Breakout Birthday party

Escape Room Parties

Recently, a new type of party becoming popular among kids and adults alike is the escape room party, where participants have to use their heads to escape a locked room before their time runs out. Escape room parties require you to think quickly and explore all possibilities, anything can be a clue that can

  • Teaching coding literacy to students

Teaching Coding Literacy

Teachers all across the country have realized teaching coding literacy to students has numerous benefits. They have taken the challenge. Increasingly more teachers are now incorporating STEM subjects including coding literacy into their repertoire. For some teachers, teaching coding literacy or other STEM subjects comes naturally.  For some others it is a little bit

  • STEM Summer camps at Genius Owl

STEM Summer Camps

Summer is sizzling, and our STEM summer camps enrichment programs keep running and educating children. This is part of Genius Owl's special services for schools. We have offered these workshops in all kind of schools: private, public, childcare centres, community centres and more. Teachers love Genius Owl's STEM summer camp programs. They understand the

  • STEM in schools for leacock foundation students

STEM in Schools: Exciting & Fun

This past weekend as part of our "STEM in Schools" program  we ran a two hour workshop for students of the Leacock Foundation.  It is a non-profit that provides "fee-free, enriched literacy and leadership opportunities to empower youth from underserved communities in Toronto, Canada and Eastern Cape, South Africa, through a unique community partnership model."

  • Genius Owl Christmas Rock Art Workshop

Xmas Rock Art Workshop

It is that time of the year again. We at Genius Owl  like most of you are getting ready for the event. After our very successful experience of running Halloween Rock Art workshop, now we are offering the opportunity of celebrating Christmas through your child's creativity and imagination. Spots are filling up quickly, so

  • Target themed party

Birthday Parties Are Important!

Kids know better than everybody that birthday parties are important! That's why parents can go a long way to throw the birthday party that their child wish. Target-themed Birthday Party Yes, you read it correctly Target as in the big box store Target! The retailer that left Canada a few years ago. Charlie is a

  • Genius Owl Halloween Rock Art Workshop

More Rock Art Workshops Coming Soon

The Halloween rock art workshop was a great success! Thank you to all of you who took the time and registered their kids in this wonderful program. Participants really enjoyed the event and created real pieces of art that they can be proud of. This is not going to be our last rock art

  • Genius Owl Halloween Rock Art Workshop

Halloween Rock Art Workshop

Halloween is around the corner. We at Genius Owl  like most of you are getting ready for the event. After our successful experience of running Rock Art themed birthday parties, now we are offering the fun to everybody: kids, parents, and of course  grand parents. This workshop will be taught by Shahrzad who is a

  • French Classes for Students

French Classes for Students

It's back to school time again and learning French is one of the many important aspects of our children's education. That's why French classes for students at Genius Owl can help out struggling students. You could ask why should my child learn French at all? Learning French opens a lot of doors to them. There’s no

  • Summer camps at Genius Owl

Summer Camps 2017 at Genius Owl

Summer Camps at Genius Owl Summer camps are part and parcel of kids summer time! This year, Genius Owl will be offering a variety of summer camp programs for children of age groups 6-8 and 9-12. The summer camps programs include Minecraft Mods, Game Design, Robotics, Math, Computer Programming and Podcasting. We have designed these

Coding For Girls

"Coding for Girls" is as important as their other study subjects. Genius Owl believes in equal opportunities for everyone. It is really important for kids to experience a wholesome education. Our edutainment service couples learning with all the fun of parties, camps, and games. We see that girls especially are left out when it comes