• educational birthday parties

Educational Birthday Parties

Some readers might be surprised to know that I have worked several jobs where I have been in charge of conducting birthday parties for children. Whether it be baking cupcakes, dancing, or painting, I’ve just about done it all. The questions that parents always ask when picking up their children

  • STEM birthday parties by Genius Owl

STEM Birthday Parties in Toronto

STEM birthday parties in Toronto are new but very popular thanks to Genius Owl. STEM programs nowadays are a critical part of elementary school curriculum. Schools and parents alike are eager to encourage critical thinking and analytic skills required in science and math education in their students. Despite an undeserved

  • Genius Owl STEM coding & robotics workshops

Robotics & Coding in Elementary Schools

Robotics & Coding for Elementary Schools Recently we had the opportunity to visit an elementary school in Toronto. It was a workshop on Coding & Robotics for Elementary Schools. Kids were very interested. They listened with huge interest and participated passionately. The concepts of programming and

  • Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond Hill by Genius Owl

Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond Hill

You live in the northern parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Finding good and exciting birthday party ideas in Richmond Hill is not an easy job. You have tried almost all of the available parties offered by big names. Your kid doesn't like to see that huge mouse or shoot their friends to get

  • STEM Programs in Elementary Schools in york region and toronto by Genius Owl

STEM Programs in Elementary Schools

STEM programs in elementary schools of Ontario are becoming increasingly commonplace. More and more teachers are holding regular events for their students.Students usually love these programs and enjoy the lessons. Parents are also on board and very well aware of the importance of STEM education in their child's future career. In the following lines you

  • Minecraft Birthday Party is one of the 5 Birthday Party Ideas at Home

5 Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Holding your kid's birthday party at home has a lot of advantages. You are in control when it comes to what kind of food to be served. You don't need to carpool the guests. And many more other reasons that you already know. Now that you know the benefits, we are going to present

  • Tips for Running a Successful Hour of Code

5 Tips for Running a Successful Hour of Code

Hour of Code which usually happens in early December is a good reminder to educators (and parents alike) that learning about science and technology should be taken seriously. Teachers across the world prepare a special program to teach the basics of coding to their students. In this short blog, we'll offer you 5 tips

  • Halloween Escape Room Party with Genius Owl

Halloween Escape Room Party

In case you have missed it, people have been going nuts over escape rooms these days. From murder mysteries to axe throwing, paint bomb  and even some in the outdoor. Even though escape room games are good for team building, family bonding and having fun But none of the above options are really appropriate for children.

  • STEM for schools: Genius Owl stem programs

STEM for Schools

More and more, emphasis is being put on science, technology, engineering and math or STEM for schools. In Canada, fields relating to science and technology are becoming increasingly relevant, economically and in our day-to-day lives. STEM plays a key role in youth in that it builds skills that will help them in their future careers

  • Genius Owl Minecraft Breakout Birthday party

Escape Room Parties

Recently, a new type of party becoming popular among kids and adults alike is the escape room party, where participants have to use their heads to escape a locked room before their time runs out. Escape room parties require you to think quickly and explore all possibilities, anything can be a clue that can

  • Teaching coding literacy to students

Teaching Coding Literacy

Teachers all across the country have realized teaching coding literacy to students has numerous benefits. They have taken the challenge. Increasingly more teachers are now incorporating STEM subjects including coding literacy into their repertoire. For some teachers, teaching coding literacy or other STEM subjects comes naturally.  For some others it is a little bit

  • STEM Summer camps at Genius Owl

STEM Summer Camps

Summer is sizzling, and our STEM summer camps enrichment programs keep running and educating children. This is part of Genius Owl's special services for schools. We have offered these workshops in all kind of schools: private, public, childcare centres, community centres and more. Teachers love Genius Owl's STEM summer camp programs. They understand the