• Genius Owl's Halloween Rock Art Workshop

Halloween Rock Art Workshop

Halloween is around the corner. We at Genius Owl  like most of you are getting ready for the event. After our successful experience of running Rock Art themed birthday parties, now we are offering the fun to everybody: kids, parents, and of course  grand parents. This workshop will be taught by Shahrzad who is a

  • French Classes for Students

French Classes for Students

It's back to school time again and learning French is one of the many important aspects of our children's education. That's why French classes for students at Genius Owl can help out struggling students. You could ask why should my child learn French at all? Learning French opens a lot of doors to them. There’s no

  • Genius Owl Robotics Summer Camp and after school programs

Summer Camps 2017 at Genius Owl

Summer Camps at Genius Owl Summer camps are part and parcel of kids summer time! This year, Genius Owl will be offering a variety of summer camp programs for children of age groups 6-8 and 9-12. The summer camps programs include Minecraft Mods, Game Design, Robotics, Math, Computer Programming and Podcasting. We have designed these fun

  • Benefits of Healthy Gaming

Healthy Gaming

Get off the couch and go outside! Stop playing video games! Sound familiar? So many of us think of video games as nothing more than a distraction and unnecessary recreational activity. While it isn't the wisest decision to spend all day in front of the TV, there are many help benefits that accompany healthy gaming

  • Coding for girls at Genius Owl

Coding For Girls

"Coding for Girls" is as important as their other study subjects. Genius Owl believes in equal opportunities for everyone. It is really important for kids to experience a wholesome education. Our edutainment service couples learning with all the fun of parties, camps, and games. We see that girls especially are left out when it comes

  • A birthday cake of one of our unplugged Minecraft birthday parties

Unplugged Minecraft Birthday Parties

Happy Lunar New Year! With this second new year obviously comes more updates to our service. Genius Owl already leaves customers satisfied with our innovation and creativity. We have a great relationship with our clients, and that just motivates us to constantly do better. We will be making some interesting, but most importantly fun changes

  • New birthday party ideas at genius owl

New Birthday Party Ideas

Welcome into 2017! With a new year comes another 365 days, and one of them is bound to be your child’s birthday. This means another opportunity for an exciting birthday party to celebrate. It is such a momentous occasion! However, this also means scrambling for new birthday party ideas to make sure this party will be better than

  • Genius Owl Music Birthday Parties

Music Birthday Parties

In need for a fast and fun birthday party idea? Why not consider music birthday parties? They are growing in popularity and most importantly, enjoyable for everyone involved! Not only is music a great way to celebrate a child’s special day, it is also beneficial to their learning and expressive abilities. Check out all the

  • Genius Owl interesting birthday parties

Interesting Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, birthday parties are something to be celebrated by everyone. That's why it is so important to have an idea that really changes from year to year, that you will enjoy on the special day. There are so many possibilities as to the type of party you can host:

  • Innovative birthday party ideas at Genius Owl

Innovative Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays will always be one of the most special occasions that you anticipate every year in your life. This will always be the most memorable because people never forget it and you always receive the gifts that you always wanted to have. As time passes by, from a simple celebration, birthdays today are made grander

  • Genius Owl Best Birthday Party Places

Best Birthday Party Places

Best birthday party places are not easy to find. Choosing a venue or location for a birthday party is very important. When choosing for a birthday party location, you need to consider some important factors to determine whether a particular location is indeed the right one for you. Considering these factors are important, since they

  • Genius Owl offers digital detox for kids

Digital Detox for Kids

Do we need digital detox for kids? With the biggest changes in technology and innovations, kids are exposed to a more modern lifestyle. Parents and families appreciate this modern lifestyle changes and conveniences however, its negative impacts on kids can never be denied. More parents are now worried about the excessive amount of time spent