What is a child’s most favourite day of the year? Their birthday! Children hold their birthdays’ memories really close to their heart. How you celebrate their special day makes a big impact on the development of their personality.
Every year, parents do their research and come up with new superhero or princess themed birthday party ideas. Eventually there comes a point where children turn either too old or too bored of that same theme. All that hard work may all go to waste.

Genius Owl Birthday Party Ideas

Genius Owl presents unique birthday party ideas which are updated according to the latest trend. This includes one of the most popular and educational games, Minecraft! From Minecraft-themed decorations, to cakes resembling Minecraft characters, everything is done for you!

Not only will kids celebrate with their favourite computer game, but will also be learning new things along the way. Along with coming up with great birthday party ideas, privacy is usually a major concern and distraction, especially when having multiple parties at the same location, but at Genius Owl’s party there exists no such issue.

You have the place all to yourself! One of the most appreciated efforts coming from the organizers, is that a lot of birthday party ideas and activities are inclusive to audiences who show up with a variety of interests. Such engaging activities include Minecraft video games, cool robotic toys, and cardboard cutouts to fool around and take pictures with.
Birthday Party Ideas: Minecraft Party at Genius Owl

Educational Birthday Party Ideas

Hosted by an organization that strives to provide children with a healthy digital life, Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday parties are one of the few organizations with birthday party ideas which both entertain and educate kids at the same time. Movie or cartoon-themed birthday party ideas may be enjoyable for the kids but it often encourages them to spend more time in front of the screen.

Instead of coming up with new birthday party ideas and directing parties away from watching movies at home with friends, parents may end up encouraging children to watch the shows that their birthday party was themed on.
Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday parties encourages kids to play Minecraft more, as it is more educational and better compared to watching shows with violent and/or misguided messages.

Kids may
In fact, many schools actually encourage kids to play Minecraft because of its educational benefits. With many positive reviews, Genius Owl’s Minecraft birthday parties are always a blast!