As parents we cherish the moments we spend with our kids. Among the very most important of those moments are the milestones in their lives. Birthdays are the most obvious of those milestones. No parent forgets the first birthday of their child. We plan for it. We invite a whole lot of people to share our happy moment with them. And in short we take it very seriously. With every happy return of the occasion we need fresh birthday party ideas to make it better than the last time. That is why we forget it’s our child’s birthday that we are celebrating and not our own.

Five Party Principles

Here’s some hints from a very good article on the subject of birthday party ideas:

  • It’s their birthday, so let them help plan the whole thing.
  • Invite right number of guests.
  • There’s no force more destructive than a pack of unoccupied children. Keep ’em busy.
  • Remember your audience. Plan age-appropriate activities.
  • For the food, make a kid-friendly menu.

Genius Owl Offers Best Birthday Party Experience

Here at Genius Owl we are proud to offer you birthday parties which keeps both you and your little ones happy and satisfied. Most parents are telling us that it was their kids who introduced them to Genius Owl birthday parties while searching online. We have room for as few or as many guests that you’d like to invite. Our activities are fun, educational and inclusive. Both boys and girls enjoy our party activities. They don’t need to be video game fans, because we have tons of fun unplugged games to enjoy. Our food menu is both fun and yummy. We bring Minecraft food to life. Our birthday cakes are one of a kind.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you are looking for a birthday party idea for your child, just give us a call!