You live in the northern parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Finding good and exciting birthday party ideas in Richmond Hill is not an easy job. You have tried almost all of the available parties offered by big names. Your kid doesn’t like to see that huge mouse or shoot their friends to get points. Those are all so yesterday and not interesting to your kid(s). They are growing up and developing a strong curiosity to  know more. To work and deal with thing that stimulates their brains. That’s where Genius Owl and its long list of new and exciting birthday party ideas come in.

Breakout Parties

Breakout parties are the best! Even better than escape room parties.

  • Exciting: clock is ticking. They don’t have all the day to solve the puzzles and break out. There are too many challenges. But wait! Isn’t it the whole point? To teach them how to manage their time and overcome the barriers in front of them. Solve the puzzles and feel the sweet feeling of success.
  • Communication skills are very important nowadays.  Any workplace looks for that in the candidates applying for jobs. But you can’t cram it before the job interview. It’s a life-long skill. Something that you (and of course your children) should be learning and practicing  it from the very early days of their lives. Breakout challenges encourage and help children to communicate effectively to achieve their goals.
  • Educational aspects of the games and activities that our kids do, are as important as their entertainment side. That’s why we have paid special attention to make breakout parties educational and informative.
  • Variety is a critical factor too. Unlike other birthday party ideas in Richmond Hill, that you can’t visit them more than once, Genius Owl’s Breakout parties can be hold in tens of different themes: science, art, language, mystery and many more!

The Best Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond Hill

Because of the reasons we listed above and many more that we can go on and on explaining them, we are here proudly declaring Breakout parties by Genius Owl are the best birthday party ideas in Richmond Hill, ON.

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