Looking to buy a barbie doll for your little girl? A barbie birthday cake? A princess birthday party? Think again, that may not be what she wants. Girls have many more interests and hobbies than just playing with dolls and princesses. Just like most other children, she may want something a bit more trendy and unique on her birthday. So start searching for birthday party ideas for girls, from a different point of view.

Technology is advancing way faster than we had imagined it would. Most popular activities, such as playing games and watching movies, are done on technology. So if you’re still wondering what your child would like, think about technology. Technical activities like programming aren’t just for boys, girls may love it too.

Girls can code!

Genius Owl believes that “girls can code” too. Technology isn’t only advancing for boys. Girls need to be part of this process. Genius Owl encourages parents to think about their daughter’s future as well as her interests. Only a minority of Women are actually engaged in tech fields and we need more out there. Try putting your daughter in one of Genius Owl’s after-school coding programs. Or let her experience it in her birthday party at Genius Owl’s robotic-themed birthday parties.

Genius Owl

Genius Owl has many birthday party ideas for girls and boys. Both boys and girls enjoy its most famous Minecraft birthday party. At Genius Owl’s birthday parties, kids learn to program robots, play cool video games and enjoy many other activities! Parents may discourage kids from participating in technology-themed birthday parties. Genius Owl believes that technology isn’t bad. How you use it can be. Genius Owl’s birthday party ideas for girls and boys are both fun and educational. Based on feedback, parents find it quite convenient as well. The cake, snacks, decorations and inclusive activities are all arranged! You just have to bring the kids! Let your kids go at a stress-free birthday party, where your kids will have fun and you will relax! Book now!