Kids know better than everybody that birthday parties are important! That’s why parents can go a long way to throw the birthday party that their child wish.

Target-themed Birthday Party

Yes, you read it correctly Target as in the big box store Target! The retailer that left Canada a few years ago.

Charlie is a 3-year old who lives in the US.  Her mom, Emily asks her what kind of birthday party she’d like to have, and Charlie says: Target! That makes Emily laugh, a hysterical laugh, because Charlie was not kidding! Her love to Target went back when she was an infant and her parents took her along on their shopping trips to Target.   Just being there makes her day. But though Charlie’s parents were initially skeptical of her party request, they eventually came around to the idea. Mom went D.I.Y. on Target-themed invitations, decorations, and a cake for her daughter’s special day.

The set-up took up most of the morning and finished just moments before the party actually began, but Charlie’s reaction made the effort all worthwhile.

“Charlie had just woken up from a nap and when she came down and saw all the decorations, she flipped! She yelled ‘Yay Target! It’s my Target,'” said mom. Charlie’s birthday was such a hit that mom received nonstop compliments from her daughter’s guests.

Happy birthday, Charlie!