Our Story

Genius Owl was founded to solve a problem. We, like many other parents, noticed the time spent by our children on their digital devices. We understand the importance of modern digital tools in our children’s education and learning experience. But at the same time we didn’t want that at the expense of their social and communication skills. That’s why we started Genius Owl. Using our experience in technology and digital media, we want to make the screen time of children more productive, more social, and more educational. As for our son Sam, he was one of the main players in our programs to educate and entertain children. He is now a student of York University's BEd program.

We are not like foreign-owned franchises, and we don’t want to become like them. Consider us as your “friendly neighbourhood” after-school program that offers boutique services. Services that cannot be found anywhere else. We don’t have the bells and whistles of corporate-owned programs, but we surpass them in quality of customer care, satisfaction, and novelty of ideas.

Our mission is to provide a safe and socially engaging environment in which children can learn new skills. Skills that will prepare them for the future job market. They learn academic and technical knowledge, while improving their social skills and staying physically active.

Our vision is to prepare a media-savvy generation of youth for the digital future. Our programs encourages children to think and take a critical look at their surroundings. Yesterday’s consumers of information will turn into the creators of it.
Genius Owl‘s team is comprised of the most experienced and best qualified individuals in technology and education. We are engineers, we are teachers, but we are parents first. We understand what the new digital generation of children want, and we have worked hard to offer it to them in the best format possible.