Holding your kid’s birthday party at home has a lot of advantages. You are in control when it comes to what kind of food to be served. You don’t need to carpool the guests. And many more other reasons that you already know. Now that you know the benefits, we are going to present you 5 birthday party ideas at home. Ideas that make his/her birthday party a blast! Some of these ideas you might be able to use right away. But if you think you don’t have the right tools or training, don’t worry! Genius Owl offers all of the following ideas as part of its Comes2U line of birthday parties.

Birthday Party at Home Idea #1:  Minecraft Animation

Kids love cartoons and they also like Minecraft. So how about creating some Minecraft stop motion animation? This party theme is good for kids who have strong story telling skills and are artistic too.

Birthday Party at Home Idea #2: Minecraft Unplugged

Minecraft is still one of the most liked video games among kids. Some of them even spend long hours in front of the screen either playing it or watching others who play Minecraft. Some parents don’t like this behaviour. But fighting with Minecraft or banning it is not the solution. Let’s offer them activities that stimulates their creativity and imagination and at the same time brings them the joy and fun of a group game.

Birthday Party at Home Idea #3: Robot Wars

This is the most popular among our 5 birthday party ideas at home list. It seems kids cannot get enough of that. You might not have enough robots at home to keep all the guests happy but don’t worry we can bring more for you.

Birthday Party at Home Idea #4: Karaoke

Music and dance is in everybody’s genes, especially young ladies! They love to dress up as their favourite pop star and sing their songs. Add some fun and competitive games to the mix that tests their knowledge of songs and lyrics and create the best musical birthday party they could have experienced.

The Best of Our 5 Birthday Party Ideas at Home: Breakout

You might have heard about escape rooms and even escape room for kids. They are good for adult team building, but the idea of locking up kids in a confined area for any length of time doesn’t sound really good. That’s why we turned escape room inside out and came up with Breakout. Breakout birthday parties can easily be arranged at home. They are fun, exciting and educational.