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STEM in French

This is the ultimate French immersion idea for the digital native generation: make learning French more meaningful for your students. Channel your students’ interest in technology into motivating them to learn French.  Genius Owl  has planned a wide variety of STEM programs in French Our programs are teacher-approved, and students love to participate in them. Learn more about our unique STEM programs for schools, and book your event now!

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Digital gadgets are around our children everywhere and all the time. That’s why we at Genius Owl have developed programs that prepare your children with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their lives, while enjoying a balanced and healthy life.

We offer tech after-school  programs. Our seasonal camps provide the opportunity of learning while having fun and building long term friendships with other campers. We also work with private and public schools and childcare centres to bring the same great programs to more children.

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Genius Owl School programs


Unique curriculum and experienced staff at Genius Owl offer great enrichment programs to schools. Learn more

Genius Owl Robotics programs


Genius Owl offers personalized tutoring programs on coding, robotics, and digital media to families. Learn more


If you are home schooling your child or are a member of a homeschooling group, contact us. Learn more

Genius Owl birthday parties


There are over 15 different themes in Genius Owl‘s birthday parties, from Minecraft to Secret Agent. Learn more

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There are lots of reasons that you should trust us with your children’s education and entertainment needs. Please read on to learn about them.

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French Classes for Students

It's back to school time again and learning French is one of the many important aspects of our children's education. That's why French classes for students at Genius Owl can help out struggling students. You

Coding For Girls

"Coding for Girls" is as important as their other study subjects. Genius Owl believes in equal opportunities for everyone. It is really important for kids to experience a wholesome education. Our edutainment service couples learning

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