As a parent, you have done your best to provide the best for your children in their lives, including their education.

But there are things that even you don’t know or can’t do!  Speaking French or being good in math could be among them! That could make you frustrated, and hurt your child’s education.

Have no fear, Genius Owl is here to help!

We make a free assessment of your child’s educational needs and set up a plan to guarantee their way to success.

And now with your child getting the best marks possible, you all are happy again!


This is a very well structured & organized program that helps my child to build the necessary skills in not just programming but also logic and problem solving. I appreciate the promptness of the instructor and willingness to help and answer questions during/after session, and also during homework time. I am very pleased with the program. Thanks!

Susanna T., Tutoring Parent


Assessment Session