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Genius Owl digital healthy programs for children


Digital gadgets are around our children everywhere and all the time. That’s why we at Genius Owl have developed programs that prepare your children with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their lives, while enjoying a balanced and healthy life.

We offer tech after-school  programs. Our seasonal camps provide the opportunity of learning while having fun and building long term friendships with other campers. We also work with private and public schools and childcare centres to bring the same great programs to more children.

We’ve Got Everything Kids Need…

Genius Owl Robotics programs


Genius Owl offers after-school and weekend programs on coding, robotics, and digital media.

Genius Owl Seasonal Camps


Genius Owl offers P.A. Day programs and seasonal camps in Coding, Robotics and Podcasting.

Genius Owl birthday parties


There are over 15 different themes in Genius Owl‘s birthday parties, from Minecraft to Secret Agent.

Genius Owl School programs


Unique curriculum and experienced staff at Genius Owl offer great enrichment programs to schools.

Why Genius Owl?

There are lots of reasons that you should trust us with your children’s education and entertainment needs. Please read on to learn about them.

Featured Service…

Minecraft birthday party at Genius Owl

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft birthday parties are the most popular at Genius Owl. Kids love Minecraft parties because they get the chance of playing their favourite game. Parents love this party because of educational and fun activities that Genius Owl has included in the party. Genius Owl Minecraft birthday party is not just for Minecraft video game fans! We have lots of other games that will keep everybody engaged and happy: both boys and girls, and even those who don’t know how to play Minecraft.

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