Robot Wars

In a not so distant future robots have conquered the earth and now fighting among themselves. But before that happens you are still in control: it’s your robots and you tell them what to do! At a Genius Owl Robot Wars birthday party the birthday star and their guests can put their hands on real electronic robots and drive them using a tablet or other relevant methods. They will be given little problems to solve and improve their critical thinking and teamwork while enjoying the party. Robotic “hot potatoes” with our Sphero robots has been the most popular game thus far. We don’t limit kids to digital gadgets: they can also make their own glow-in-the-dark paper robot; improve their tactile and fine motor skills, and add one more item to their loot bags!

Genius Owl Hacker Kids birthday party

Hacker Kids

Go against the Anonymous!  What is hacking? There are many misconceptions of the art. Hacking is not just about gaining access to other computers illegally. Hacking is also problem solving. Our birthday party theme embodies this idea as well as incorporating exciting activities. At Genius Owl Hacker Kids Birthday Parties kids are encouraged to come up with smart and innovative ideas to reach their goal. They are taught essential computer skills needed in the 21st century while still having fun on their birthday. They are led to think out of the box and design new solutions for their old problems. This helps them to become creators, rather than consumers; leader rather than followers. Set your children up for success by letting them learn with Genius Owl, the best in our practice.

Genius Owl Coding Tykes Birthday Party

Coding Tykes

Programming doesn’t need to be on a computer or tablet. Genius Owl strongly believes in giving children computer literacy skills so they can survive in the modern world. That’s why we have come up with a unique birthday party theme: coding! We have made coding fun and educational for the very young among us! Kids as young as 3 now can learn about the basic ideas behind programming (critical thinking and problem solving) in a fun way! They can spend their birthday being challenged with exciting activities and problems, and feel the thrill of solving them. What’s best is that this prepares them for the real world, so they have a head start!

Genius Owl Video Games Birthday Party

Video Games!

If your kids are video game fans, here’s a party especially catered for their likes! We provide a fun-filled birthday experience for your kids on their special day. They deserve a break from all that school to relax with their friends. The children can spend some quality bonding time together through gaming. Invite your guests and play a set of 8 popular games (does not include Minecraft). We can ensure they have an amazing time that leaves them grinning from ear to ear!