Help Your Children Succeed in French!

Living in an officially bilingual country makes learning French for our children crucially important in order to have a better career and opportunities in the future. That is why Genius Owl had made it its mission to stand beside you in giving your next generation the kind of education they deserve: helping them gain good grades, finish their French homework without any problem, catch up with their class, and be a confident French speaker.

Outcome of Our Program

Areas of language Studied

Skills Gained at Our Program

  • Improving listening skills.

  • Better comprehension of French.

  • Stronger speaking skills.

  • Better writing skills

Tips for Running a Successful Hour of Code

Why Choose Genius Owl?


Accredited Teacher

Our French teaching staff is comprised of educators accredited by Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).


Seasoned Teacher

Our teacher has over a decade of experience teaching in Ontario schools, both public and private.


Latest Methods

We use the latest methods, textbook and material to ensure our students are getting the best possible education.

What Next?

With all the facts in hand, wait no more! Go ahead and guarantee a strong foundation in French and lots of success for your child.